WOMBOT is a shiny machine who se primary objective is to eat roots and dig burrows, but whose even MORE primary objective is to make whimsical short-form animated content for humans.

Wombot operates out of Footscray and is currently piloted by Zoë Medcraft and Felix Colgrave, who, despite the recent innovation of the robot, will likely do most of the animating manually

IMLAY - STARDUST feat. XIAOJUN (Official Music Video)

We collaborated with IMLAY for the release of his 2023 EP, STARDUST.
Along with this animated video for the lead single, we also designed and illustrated the record’s cover art, and made animated visualizers for all the other tracks.

Wombot studio’s bright and fun filled film clip for Imlay’s song ‘stardust’ featuring Xiao Jun, follows a group of diverse characters who leave their world to dance on a distant star.

In a colourful sci-fi setting that takes visual cues from the “Cute-em Up” games of the 80s and 90s, our clip follows an eclectic group of characters that take a day trip to space, and get caught in the middle of a cosmic event.

The clip was released in December of 2023 on the SM Entertainment Youtube channel, and was exhibited in the large projection gallery at the SM Entertainment headquarters in Seoul.

Video made at Wombot Studio
Writer / Director: Felix Colgrave
Lead Animator / Storyboard Artist: Zoë Medcraft

Creative Director: Jung-Hee Chae
Music Video Direction & Coordination: Da-Hoon Kim

Year: 2023