WOMBOT is a shiny machine who se primary objective is to eat roots and dig burrows, but whose even MORE primary objective is to make whimsical short-form animated content for humans.

Wombot operates out of Footscray and is currently piloted by Zoë Medcraft and Felix Colgrave, who, despite the recent innovation of the robot, will likely do most of the animating manually

is a naarm/Melbourne based animation studio run by directing duo Felix Colgrave and Zoe Medcraft. It was launched in early 2023 with the release of short films 'DONKS' by Felix Colgrave and 'I'm a Witch' by Zoe Medcraft, both of which were selected for several film festivals internationally.

Working closely with our clients, we bring ideas to life using our unique brand of visual storytelling.

In its short existence, Wombot has created music videos, visualisers, album art, game design and other animated stuff, for clients around the world.




Publishing his work online from the age of 13, Felix’s independent animated shorts have been viewed hundreds of millions of times on YouTube, and probably a few times in other places as well.

In addition to his personal projects, Felix has directed, animated, written and designed for clients such as Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Bethesda, Roc Nation, RCA Records, Plan B Entertainment, the Jim Henson Company, and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.


Zoe Medcraft is a director, animator and artist, who has worked on everything from TV series, advertising, games, film, and music videos for clients such as MTV, NBC / SYFY, SM Entertainment, Moose, Universal Pictures, Passion Pictures and Screen Australia.

Specialising in 2D animation, Zoe combines a range of mixed media techniques, bringing a handmade, whimsical quality to her work.