WOMBOT is a shiny machine who se primary objective is to eat roots and dig burrows, but whose even MORE primary objective is to make whimsical short-form animated content for humans.

Wombot operates out of Footscray and is currently piloted by Zoë Medcraft and Felix Colgrave, who, despite the recent innovation of the robot, will likely do most of the animating manually

Side Sidemi

This music video follows a colony of ants in their quest to prepare a grand spring feast, as winter fades away. This enchanting and eerie journey, set to Nitai Hershkovits and Rejoicer’s melodic piano piece, takes you from food heists to royal rituals.

Music video made at Wombot Studio
Director / lead animator / painter: Zoë Medcraft
Producer / animator / post production: Felix Colgrave

Composed and Produced by Rejoicer & Nitai Hershkovits
Recorded at Arpad Studios
Mixed by Rejoicer
Mastered by Asaf Shay
Drum Programing by Rejoicer
Piano by Nitai Hershkovits
Tenor Saxophone by Asaf Yuria
Trombone by Jonathan Voltzok
Flute by Ilan Salem

Year: 2023